Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Look A Likes

I've been asked if Tenielle and Danica look alike. See for yourself. What do you think?






bradshelley said...

Oh, they look just alike!!!! We are asked a 100x's if my girls are twins, when we are out shopping. The girls are used to it now and just say "No, we are two years apart". Enjoy! :)

Brent & Johanna Chappell said...

They definitely look alike! But what fun! :) Hope to see y'all soon!

the gillis family said...

Wow! I'd say there is no question. Like people say to us with each new baby we have, "He/She looks like a another Gillis!" kidding?! :) You're girls are so cute! Enjoy!

Wifey said...

before I even saw the title of your blog post I was going to comment on how they look sooooo much alike. Those are gonna be tough picture to tell apart when they get older. Are you labeling them now? :)